The school year is coming to a close. Are you wondering what to do with another year’s worth of photos, artwork, awards and other special mementos?

We’ve hand-picked some great products from our store that will help you organize and display these treasured memories.  We’ll start our recommendations off with one of our favorites for creating lasting reminders of your child’s school years:

Record a Memory School AlbumRecord a Memory: School Years

The Record a Memory album lets your kids create a personalized, one-of-a-kind keepsake. In their own voice, children capture special school moments, from sharing a story to singing a favorite song. The book is divided into ten sections, one each for preschool through eighth grade, with pockets for keepsakes like class pictures, report cards, artwork and special projects.  The album also has space for entering information for each school year such as height, teacher’s name, best friends, activities and goals. If your kids are already well into their school careers, this album is probably not for you.  Check out some of the other options below and consider the Record a Memory album as an ideal gift for a toddler you know who will soon be entering preschool.

School Memories(Clockwise from lower left)

School Years Record Book / Personalized Schoolhouse Frame (Silver or Gold Finish) / My Timeless Treasures Art & Document Portfolio / Personalized School Years Memory Keeper / Fully Customizable Yearbooks from Mixbook (Various Styles & Formats for all Grade Levels) / Smilebooks All About Me Preschool Yearbook

Are your kiddos involved in a variety of sports and activities throughout the school year?  If so, you should definitely check out our great selection of products to help you organize and display hard-earned trophies and awards, as well as all the photos capturing special moments on the field, court or rink.  Below is a collection of a few of our favorites:

Sports Albums and Trophy Racks 2(Clockwise from lower left)

Sports Years Memory Album / Sports & Activity Scrapbook Albums – 12″ x 12″ / Sports Pocket Scrapbook Albums – 8″ x 8″ / Personalized Silhouette Medal Holder (Various Colors for a Variety of Sports & Activities) / Personalized Expressions Trophy Rack (Various Colors and Graphics) / Pinnacle Trophy Case in Black / Fully Customizable Sports Yearbook from Mixbook

To see more great options for organizing and displaying school and sports mementos, visit these departments in our store:

Memory Books / Kids’ Artwork Storage / Trophies & Awards Display


Get ready for a road trip!  The summer travel season is almost here. Shop this week’s list of Fabulous Products to keep the kids happy and your car organized, all for under $15.00!


Car Trash Bag OrganizersCar Trash Bag/Organizer – $12.25

This cute and handy hanging car trash bag can also be used as a car organizer to keep toys in one spot. It has a Velcro closure at the top, so the bag can stay closed and tidy even when full of trash or toys. Bags have a removable liner; you can slip a plastic bag over the liner for easy removal of trash.  Handmade in the USA and available in various fabrics.

Diono Travel Pal Car Storage view 2Diono Travel Pal Car Storage – $12.99

The Travel Pal is designed to keep things in your car neat and organized. It has a deep cargo bin for toys and lots of pockets for smaller things, too. It fits between two car seats and is big enough to hold everything for both children.

Diono Mat Seat Protector view 2Diono Super Mat Seat Protector w/ Organizer – $13.49

The Diono Super Mat protects your automobile seat upholstery from the permanent indentations caused by a child safety seat (seat not included). With individual panels of high-density foam, the Super Mat will contour to your vehicle’s seat while the non-slip surfaces on both the top and bottom prevent slipping of the child safety seat. The Super Mat is compatible with all infant carriers, car seats and booster seats, including those with the latch system of attachment, and features a front organizer pocket to keep kids’ essentials handy.

Snack and Play Travel Tray view 2Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray – On sale now for $14.99 (Regularly $19.99)

The Snack & Play Travel Tray provides a flat, safe area for your child to eat and play while traveling (child not included). Fitting most booster seats, the Travel Tray goes wherever your car seat does–even on airplanes. Your purchase of this item provides one toy to children in need around the world through funding by Click product link above to learn more about this “Buy a Toy, Give a Toy” initiative


This week, you should take it personally!  Shop for personalized items available now for under $15.00!

 Personalized LEGO Travel ContainerPersonalized LEGO Travel Box – $6.00

These containers are the perfect way to keep kiddos who love their LEGOs occupied on day trips or road trips. Kids can fill up the box with their favorite LEGO bricks and build with them later on the colorful plate attached to the lid. These make an amazing personalized gift or party favor for little LEGO fans everywhere!

Small Iron On LabelsPersonalized Iron-on Apparel Labels (50 Pack) – $10.95

Before your kids head to camp this summer, identify their clothing with these iron-on labels.  They’re made from a durable, allergen-free cotton/polyester blend and are personalized with your choice of icon and text.

Personalized Kids’ Storage Bin (Various Colors/Styles) – $12.00

These adorable hand-painted bins are perfect for storage of LEGOs, crayons, toys, books, and more! They make special personalized gifts for your favorite kiddos. Moms will love them, too, for the versatile storage options they offer.  Click link above to view more available designs.

Mixbook Yearbook Landscape FormatMixbook Soccer Photo Book Landscape FormatMixbook Digital Photo Book (8″ x 6″ Pocket Landscape Softcover – Various Styles) – $12.99

Capture memories from the school year or sports season in a book that is personal to your child.  Add photos and text, change the layout and include stickers and backgrounds – with Mixbook, everything is customizable.  Click link above to view more available book designs.

Now through 5/11/2015 (11:59 pm PT), get up to 40% off Mixbook photo books with code: MAY15.


Get ready for some Fun in the Sun with these Fabulous Pool & Beach Bags, available now for under $15.00.  Shop today and get yours while supplies last!


Stripe Woven Tote Green 1Rope-handle Tote (Various Colors) – $8.99 (Originally $29.99)

This all-purpose bag is great for a family day at the pool or beach.  It features sturdy rope handles and a zip-top to keep contents from spilling out.  Available in Blue, Orange or Lime.


Shell BagsShell Bag (Whale or Shark) – $8.99

These seashell collector’s bags are as practical as they are adorable. With a mesh bottom, sand & debris can filter through the bag, keeping shells safe and secure.  A perfect summer gift for your favorite shell collectors!

Personalized Drawstring Bag BackpackPersonalized Drawstring Bag/Backpack (Small/Medium) – $14.00

These drawstring bags are so fun! Kids can take them to the beach, traveling, grandma’s house, etc; they’re perfect for holding clothes, toys and anything else they want to take along on the go. Each bag is personalized with your child’s name and features a sewed-in muslin fabric lining that makes the bags sturdy.

Personalized Sol TotePersonalized Waterproof Tote (Medium) – $14.99

This custom tote comes in a variety of colors and is completely waterproof. It’s great for the beach or pool; in fact, it’s durable enough to take along anywhere! Made from the same material as Croc shoes, this tote makes a fabulous personalized gift. It can be custom-designed for your favorite beach bum with any theme, names, etc.



Baby Strap Creators View 1As the founder of In Its Place Kids and a mom myself, I can’t help but be impressed when I come across other moms who have a specific need and, in the process of finding a way to fill it, end up launching a new business venture.  That’s exactly what Cathy Lendvey and her daughter Mindy Busseletti (pictured above) did when they created the Baby Strap, a unique strapping system designed to hold bottles, sippy cups, toys and other items used by babies and toddlers.  These straps keep items off the ground and safely within a child’s reach.  According to Cathy, each strap is handmade from eco-friendly materials with a design that is fully compliant with safety guidelines for children’s products from the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

We’re pleased to promote the Baby Strap System at In Its Place Kids.  Here are the highlights of this innovative product:

  • It’s lab-tested for safety and small parts.
  • It’s made from eco-friendly materials.
  • It includes natural wooden rings that can be used as teethers.
  • It features special knots that little fingers can’t undo.
  • It adjusts to fit all size bottles and sippy cups.
  • It attaches just about anywhere (high chairs, strollers, car seats, shopping carts, cribs, play yards, bath tubs – even car windows!)

Read below to get the inside scoop from Cathy on the need that led to the creation of the Baby Strap, how the straps are made and the emphasis placed on product safety.

Q & A with Baby Strap Co-creator, Cathy Lendvey.

In Its Place Kids: How did you come up with the idea for the Baby Strap?

Cathy Lendvey: My granddaughter was born at 26 weeks (three months early) and weighed only two lbs., five oz.  She was in the NICU for three months.  When she finally came home, she was on oxygen and heart and oxygen monitors for another three months. We were advised by her pediatrician not to take her out during the first three months she was at home.  Once we were able to take her out, we had to be very careful with her.  I started looking at straps available for holding her items, which were always dropping to the ground.  At that time, there weren’t many available so I decided to create one.  Then my daughter Mindy and I decided to make them and sell them, assuming other people might have the same need.

IPK:  How many designs did you have to go through before arriving at the final Baby Strap product?

CL: We probably went through about 12 different designs, eliminating items that would not be lead- and phthalate-free (such as metal rings and clasps) and any small parts that could come loose in small-parts testing.  We also discovered that we couldn’t use elastic (it didn’t hold up on our testing for full bottles) or Velcro (my granddaughter learned to undo that early on).

IPK:  What are the eco-friendly materials used in the Baby Strap?

CL:  The materials in The Baby Strap are polypropylene webbing and parachord (both are textiles and do not contain any BPA, lead or phthalates), Kamsnaps and Adams suction cups (both tested by their manufacturer to be BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free) and wooden rings that are not exposed to any chemicals.

In addition to being eco-friendly, we also wanted all the materials used in the Baby Strap to be sourced in the USA.  Finding wooden rings manufactured in the USA was the hardest part.  We initially worked with a company in Vermont, but looked for another source when they started importing their rings from China.  We ended up finding a company in Texas called Woodworks that now supplies our wooden rings. Their rings are all-natural; they’re just cut, sanded and kiln-dried.  We rub them with a combination of natural bees wax and pure coconut oil, so they make great teething rings.

IPK:  How is the Baby Strap manufactured?

CL:  Each strap is made by hand.  It takes about 45 minutes from start to finish to make a complete strap.

IPK: Describe the testing you did to ensure the Baby Strap system meets CPSIA safety requirements.

CL:  I started researching the requirements for selling products for children. The CPSIA defines the term “children’s product” as “a consumer product designed or intended primarily for children 12 years of age or younger”.  It generally requires that children’s products “be tested for compliance by a CPSC-accepted accredited laboratory (unless subject to an exception), have a written Children’s Product Certificate that provides evidence of the product’s compliance; and have permanent tracking information affixed to the product and its packaging where practicable.”

Our straps were third-party tested five times before we arrived at a design that would pass all safety requirements. The testing we had done was for small parts, which consisted of not only making sure all parts were big enough to pass but also to make sure that any small parts could not be dislodged during use.  We did not have to test for lead or phthalates because we sourced all products that were either textiles (which do not need testing) or were from suppliers that have had their products tested for these chemical elements.

IPK: What sets your Baby Strap System apart from similar products?

CL: The Baby Strap is unique because it is actually a series of straps that can be used together or separately.  This makes it convenient for moms to leave one strap on the high chair and take one with them for use in the car or on a stroller or shopping cart.  The Baby Strap features a suction cup base which allows it to be used on a car window, plane window, bathtub wall, restaurant table, etc.

Baby Bottle Suction Based StrapAdditionally, I worked with an ombudsman at the CPSIA in the development of the Baby Strap and I learned from him about an important safety issue regarding the length of the strap, which should not exceed 12” to prevent choking or strangulation.  That’s why our straps have break points every 12”; most of the similar straps on the market do not.

Want a Baby Strap to keep your child’s stuff within reach and off the floor?  Click here to get it: The Complete Baby Strap System

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