This week’s featured item for Back to School, selected for you by our editors:

Onyx Hanging File Organizer – Great for School Paperwork!

Onyx Hanging File Desk Organizer

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Stop piling and start filing! This desktop organizer features letter-size hanging file frames and two horizontal sorters to keep your paperwork organized and within reach.

We love this as a school organizer for space-saving access to homework assignments, permission slips, important handouts and other school paperwork. Use the bottom file sorters as in and out boxes; put “Things Mom Needs to Sign” in one tray and completed forms in the other “Take Back to School” tray.

If you’re using the organizer for more than one child, separate their paperwork with file folders in different colors.  We like these from Smead:

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Get kiddos ready for Back to School with these Fabulous Finds Under $15.00!

Wrap N Mat Pattern Wrap-N-Mat Sandwich/Snack Bag (Various Colors) – $6.95

These top-rated reusable sandwich wrappers unfold into placemats and are lined to clean up in a snap, with a Velcro closure to keep contents secure. Simply fold the wrap around sandwiches, veggie sticks, cookies and other goodies, fold the cotton wrapper closed, secure with the Velcro closure, and food stays put! 100% BPA-, lead- and phthalate-free.

Fit & Fresh Lunch Box w/ Ice Pack – $9.95

Keep softer food safe from any potential squishing in a backpack or purse with this Fit & Fresh Lunch Box.  It’s divided into two efficient spaces—perfect for keeping food from touching or mixing. The shallow layer directly beneath the removable ice pack is perfect for storing and cooling snacks such as produce and juice boxes. The carrier’s deeper and roomy bottom layer keeps a sandwich fresh.  Completely BPA-free. Removable and nontoxic ice pack included.

Nike Kids Gym SacksNike Graphic Kids’ Gym Sack (Various Styles/Colors) – $12.00

Made with vibrant colors and a drawcord closure for bold style, this is the perfect bag for grab-and-go storage.  18″ H x 14″ W.  FREE Shipping available – click product link above for details.

School Agenda CoversSchool Weekly Agenda (Three Formats) – $12.95

Teach your children to set priorities, achieve goals, manage their time and increase their potential. This creative weekly planner incorporates seven habits into your kids’ daily planning, helping them achieve their personal milestones and stay on track throughout the school year.  Available in formats for Elementary School, Middle School and High School (each sold separately).  Agenda start date is Aug 3, 2015; runs through July 3, 2016.  Save 15% on these agendas with Code: 22220.  (Discount applied at vendor checkout.)

Under Armour SackpacksUnder Armour SackPack (Various Colors) – $14.99

This Sackpack by Under Armour makes a perfect bag for gym clothes, swim gear or anything else for a day on the go. It’s made of durable material to withstand daily wear and tear and features a sternum clip so it stays comfortably on the shoulders.  18″ x 14″.

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This week’s featured item for Back to School, selected for you by our editors:


Personalized Yubo Lunch Box

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Yubo Lunchboxes 2Yubo Lunchboxes 3Made for utility and fun, Yubo lunch boxes are also unique.  Unlike your average lunch box, these are made with changeable faceplates, allowing kids to easily update their lunch box with a new design as their interests change.  Yubo lunch boxes are available in six colors and literally thousands of customizable designs, including sports (baseball, football, hockey, martial arts, soccer and more), super heroes and Disney favorites (price varies by design).  You can even upload your own image to create a custom design that is truly one-of-a-kind!

Yubo Lunchbox Create Your Own

Yubo lunch boxes measure 9.8″ x 6.9″ (3.5″ deep), are eco-friendly (BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free), 100% recyclable and 100% dishwasher-safe (excluding faceplates).  As a bonus, each Yubo lunch box includes a large sandwich container, two small containers, and a custom ice pack. 

Yubo Lunchbox SectionsVisit our Back to School store to shop our full collection of lunch & snack bags, food & beverage containers, backpacks, school calendars, locker organizers and more!

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TO: Mom

FROM:  In Its Place Kids

RE: School Backpacks – Buying and Packing Guide

A young child is standing with a large heavy school book bag on his back for a homework or stress concept on a white background.

“75 percent of all 8- to 12-year-olds have reported experiencing back pain from carrying backpacks that are too heavy.” Quoted from: US Consumer Product Safety Commission l How to Fit a School Backpack l eHow

A new backpack can be one of the most challenging items on your back-to-school shopping list.  Kids are often lured by a certain brand or style, but what really matters most is finding a backpack that properly fits your child while still offering room for all the things required in a new school year.

Ergonomics expert Chris Adams recommends taking two separate measurements of your child’s back to determine the appropriate backpack size.  The maximum height of the backpack should be determined by measuring your child from the shoulder line to the waist line and then adding two inches. (The shoulder line is where the backpack straps will rest on the body, which is generally halfway between the neck and shoulder joint.  The waist line is measured at the belly button.)  To determine the maximum backpack width, measure between the ridges of your child’s shoulder blades.  The maximum backpack width can be up to two inches more than this measurement.  For more information, we recommend the following article by Chris Adams on A Fitting Guide for a Child’s Backpack.  It includes an average size chart for children’s backpacks, which is helpful if you don’t have their measurements.

Once you’ve determined the right size for your child’s next backpack, be sure to look for one that is lightweight and waterproof with ergonomic features like wide shoulder straps that are padded and adjustable and a padded back.  An adjustable waist strap to help distribute the load and a small strap across the chest from shoulder strap to shoulder strap are other great features to look for.  At In Its Place Kids, we offer top-rated, high-quality backpacks from a variety of brands including Lands’ End (which offers a guide to buying their backpacks based on a child’s height), JanSport, Nike, Under Armour, MadPax and Skip Hop.  To help you focus your search, we’ve organized all of our backpacks by school year from Toddler/Preschool through High School.

Now that you have it, what’s the best way to pack it?  Read on for tips to maximize space and lighten the load:

  • Lay the backpack down flat and put the heaviest items like textbooks at the bottom of the bag’s main interior compartment where they’ll get support from your child’s back.  Pack lighter items on top.  To save room, put workbooks or notebooks into folders or pockets in a binder where possible.
  • Make use of all pockets and compartments to help distribute the load. Put pencils, pens, highlighters and other small essentials in a pencil case and pack it in the backpack’s smaller middle/front compartments.  Be sure to only put lighter items in any outer pockets.  If the backpack doesn’t have pockets, put smaller, loose items into the main compartments last.
  • To keep the load as light as possible, kids should carry in their backpack only what they need each day.  Things like sports gear and gym clothes can be transported in a separate bag and stored with heavy text books, extra notebooks and other supplies  in a locker.
  • Go as electronic as your child’s school will allow.  If possible, have kids scan chapters of books and papers into a laptop, iPad or other digital device as they’re needed to avoid carrying heavy books and binders.
  • Maximize space and avoid additional weight by keeping backpacks organized and free of clutter (broken pencils/crayons, garbage, etc.) and any unnecessary papers.  Make it a habit to go through the backpack every day after school and pull out that day’s paperwork.  Throw away clutter and any useless handouts immediately.  Organize homework assignments and important school papers in folders or binders and store them at home until they need to be returned to school.  Also make sure your kids aren’t carrying around items that they no longer need, like textbooks for a test now completed.
  • Before school starts, do a packing trial run.  Load the backpack with an approximation of what you think your child will be carrying each day and then weigh it.  A child should not carry a backpack that is heavier than 10-15 percent of his/her body weight.  Weighing the loaded backpack ahead of time will give you a general idea of how much is too much for your child to comfortably carry.  Once school starts, weigh your child’s loaded backpack periodically to be sure the actual weight on an average day is not too heavy.  Help kids make adjustments as needed.

Before they head out the door for that first day of school, make sure your kids are carrying their backpacks high on their backs, about two inches below their shoulders.  Adjust shoulder straps so they fit close to your child’s body without being too snug.  (To test this, insert a finger between the shoulder strap and your child’s shoulder.  If you can’t fit your finger in easily, the shoulder strap is too tight.)  Send them off with a kiss (if they’ll let you!) and rest easy knowing that you have their back!



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This week’s featured item for Back to School, selected for you by our editors:

Hanging Locker Organizer by LockerWorks – $22.95 (Price varies by color)

Hanging Locker Organizer OrangeKeep kids organized at school!  With three sturdy shelves and handy side pockets, this top-rated hanging organizer creates functional space in school lockers.  Adjustable to fit full, half, or narrow lockers, it can hang from a shelf, rod, or hooks – even if the hooks are different heights.  It’s not only perfect for lockers, it also works great to organize closets at home!

  • Made of heavy-duty fabric.
  • Features steel hangers with rigid shelf inserts.
  • Measures 6″ x 9″ x 20″.
  • Currently available in the following color combinations: Orange/Navy (shown), Black/Red, Fuchsia/Black, Blue/Green.

These organizers are great at containing clutter and they’re durable, too.  Read what one of our customers had to say about the Hanging Locker Organizers she bought last year:

“I bought two of these for my boys.  Like all boys they are rough on things!  Not only did [the organizers] last all school year but both of [my boys] asked that I keep them in a safe place over the summer so that they can use them next year. They are still in great shape and are fine to use for another year or two (at least) to come! Kept them very organized and helped reduce the locker clutter!” – Brittany from Allison Park, PA

For more ways to organize your kids’ school lockers, visit our Lockers & Accessories department.